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Let the child be the scriptwriter, the directors, and the actor in his own play.

- Magda Gerber

     Our curriculum is the map we use to travel along with our children to a place of growth and self-actualization. It is fueled by the belief that the child is an active learner, powerful and capable of seeking experiences, and gaining knowledge and skills in the process. The daily rhythm, the classroom spaces, the syllabus, and the adults all contribute to the beautiful journey that the child takes each day in our school.


Goals for Each Age


Our curriculum focuses on the growth of the whole child, in all areas of development:

Physical – relating to muscle and body activity; 

Cognitive –relating to thought processes; how knowledge is acquired by use of reasoning, intuition or perception; 

Social/emotional – relating to how emotion is expressed, and in the way people behave and interact with each other in different social settings.

We focus on each of these domains independently, as well as seeing them as intertwined.


Within our approach, we balance individual and group work. Such a balance helps the teacher meet each child’s individual needs along with providing the benefits of group learning and sharing.

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