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One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.


-Virginia Woolf


As a family that cares for the safety of all its members, we have chosen to be a nut free school. And as a school that values Kosher, we ask that all our students' lunches contain no meat. Below is a list of healthy suggestions to send your child for lunch.   


Keep it interesting! 


Pack a small amount of many foods. Use lots of contain­ers or a bento-type lunch box to keep things interesting. Bento boxes are lunch boxes with lots of small contain­ers or places for different types of food. They’re a fun way to offer healthy foods. Cut sandwiches into fun shapes, add colorful fruits and vegetables in different sizes, and pack yummy dips such as fat-free or low-fat yogurt. 



Skip the white bread


Mix it up. Use whole-grain bread, pitas, and tortillas. And try new fillings.

1. If your child loves PB&J, make a sun butter and banana roll-up. Spread sun butter on a whole­ grain tortilla, add a sliced banana, and roll!

2. Fill a pita with your kid’s favorite veggies. Add dips for flavor. 

3. Spread pizza sauce on a whole-wheat tortilla, add low-fat or fat-free mozzarella cheese, then melt, roll, and slice. 


Mix up the sides!


1. Dip apples into honey!

2. Pack snap peas, sliced bell peppers, or cucumbers for color and crunch!

3. Don’t forget–juice and sodas can be high in sugar and calories. Instead, pack water or fat-free or low-fat milk. 


In order to plan a nutritious lunch for your child, try to include the following:


  • Protein (egg, dairy, soy, fish)

  • Fruit

  • Vegetable

  • Grain (bread, pasta, rice, etc.)

  • A drink*

*We provide water in a small cup if your child does not have a drink.


 Some popular lunch options, though this is not an exhaustive list:


  • Applesauce, sliced fruit or a fruit cup

  • Bagel with cream cheese/spread

  • Bean or vegetable burrito

  • Breadsticks

  • Cereal with milk in a separate container

  • Cheese and crackers, or cheese sticks/string cheese

  • Cheese quesadillas

  • Egg or tuna salad

  • Eggs—scrambled, hard-boiled or in an omelet

  • Fish sticks

  • Fresh fruit

  • Fruit salad

  • Mac-and-cheese (or another pasta item brought in a Thermos, such as spaghetti)

  • Muffins

  • Pasta—with sauce or as a salad with cheese, egg, tuna and/or whatever veggies they will eat

  • Peaches or bananas in sour cream, yogurt or cottage cheese

  • Pizza or pizza bagels

  • Raisins

  • Sandwiches:  cheese; jelly (or bananas or celery); tuna; egg salad; cream cheese (with cucumber or jelly)

  • Tofu

  • Tofu dogs (“not dogs”) or tofu “chicken nuggets”

  • Vegetable soup (no meat base)

  • Vegetarian lasagna

  • Veggies

  • Yogurt


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